Walking for Weight Loss: Intermediate and Advanced Plan

It’s no secret that walking is a great form of exercise. It has a ton of benefits from improving overall health, controlling weight, and boosts immune functions. When you’re starting out with a walking program, it takes time to build up endurance and mobility.

To me, walking is one of the most underrated tools to help you lose weight. Plus, it helps you get active and use your body. 

If you’re ready to take your walking plan to the next level, you’ll want to check out this Intermediate and Advanced Walking Plan for Weight Loss.

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Walking Plan for Weight Loss

This walking program for weight loss is geared towards people that have a good foundation of walking to start from and can walk for about an hour without problems.

DISCLAIMER: Always check with your doctor before starting any physical activity program.

If you’re starting out from the very beginning, you’ll want to complete the Beginner’s Walking Program first, and then move on to this program. You’ll have a very solid foundation to start from and you’ll be ready to move on to this program.

What’s different about this program is that you walk for more time. I call this the Intermediate/Advanced version of the walking program.

With the intermediate version, walk for the amount of time listed. There’s no need to add intervals or additional challenges.

For the advanced version, you’ll want to add in some extra challenges to increase the intensity. For example, you’ll walk on the beach or up hills. You can also add an interval where you’re walking fast for 5 minutes and slow down the pace for 5 minutes.

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Download a PDF Copy of the Walking Program for Weight Loss Here. 

Common Walking Program Questions

Before you take on any new walking or fitness program, there are bound to be questions. Here are some common questions below. If you can’t find the answer to your particular question, just ask!

Do you have to do the entire walking time in one shot?

You may look at this schedule and wonder how you’re going to find 90 minutes to get a full workout in. Of course, you want to be able to walk 90 consecutive minutes.

If you can only do a 40 minute walk in the morning, a 30 minute walk at lunch, and a 20 minute walk in the evening, then do that. The cumulative miles will make a difference in your health and fitness.

What are intervals?

At the intermediate level, you can just walk for the time allowed. If you’re at the advanced level, then you can take your walking to another level. You can an interval where you’re walking fast for a few minutes and then slow down your pace for a few minutes.

For example, you might start with a challenging walk for 1 minute and then go at a slower pace for 1 minute. You can slowly build up to reach 5 minute intervals.

Where you should start largely depends on your fitness level and your comfort level.

How Much Walking for Weight Loss Is Necessary?

There isn’t a one-sized fits all answer. It depends on your starting point, how much you walk, the intensity of walking, your overall health, and nutrition.

Generally speaking, you should see results if you walk about 3-5 hours a week.

Walking Program for Weight Loss

There’s no doubt that walking has a ton of health benefits. It can also be used to help you lose weight. This walking program for weight loss is for people who already have a good fitness base and want to take it up to another level.

You can incorporate walking into your weight loss plan. Do you want more weight loss tips and workout tips? Check out the Ultimate Workout Guide for Women.


Heather McDaniel is the founder of Invincible Women Fitness Academy, and a nationally certified fitness and nutrition coach. She helps women over 40 all over the world train their bodies, hearts, and minds so that they can live with confidence and joy.

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